Saturday, August 26, 2017

Matt and Isy's Wincle wedding

So up at the De Trafford hotel and eating a Chef and Brewer breakfast downstairs before packing and getting ourselves sorted for the big wedding to be held at a farm near the village of Wincle, south of Macclesfield and in the edge of the peak district national park. All rather idyllic and a gorgeous drive there too.

As we were early as we turned off the main road, near the farm, we squinted into the Royal Oak only to see Nicola and First Matie climbing out of a car. We parked up and had a cheery reunion over coffee and then a beer, and were joined by Lucy and Sean, other pals of Matt's. Then we then drove into what was described as the middle of nowhere and kept going through some achingly beautiful countryside and arrived at Barleyford Farm. Family friends of Matt and Isy who were getting married. The French Bloke and Craig pointing the way, both fairly refreshed already, to the barn field where we parked up and found our tent in a village of tents. Quickly changed in there, and saying hello to loads of old friends.

A quick welcome drink, and met loads of old friends, and during the course of the evening made a few more. These included, obviously Matt and Isy, and First Matie, Nicola, The French Bloke and Max, Pat and Judith, Craig and Mel, Tash and Steve, Matt's Mum Gillian, Matt Hindley, also Brad who I'd been with in Chad (like a reunion of military veterans). Old agency pals Robbie (in a kilt), Bei Li, Jaz and his lovely wife Sarah, and Jas, who I'd worked with in Glamoursmith, and her hilarious husband Jagdeep and many others.

The ceremony was outdoors, and a lovely affair. Isy looking gorgeous in her dress, and Matt, manly and handsome. In a speech later Matt said that they had done everything backwards, getting married having bought a house together, had two lovely children, setting up a business and so on. Next year, Matt said, they might go on a couple of dates and see how it goes.

Isy's uncle is Nick Mason, of Pink Floyd. He had arrived by helicopter and had also brought an old car with him for a centrepiece for photographs. I found myself next to him, but instead of talking to him about how much I'd liked Floyd, or his autobiography Inside Out, I asked him about his car, due to my deep love and knowledge about cars. D'oh.

Just a very cheery day, with dancing and a hundred conversations with old friends, and a good deal of booze, and good speeches and good food and just lovely to see everyone. And so happy to see Matt and Isy's continued happiness and thankful for being able to revel in it.

Below stolen from First Matie and Matt Hindley, a shot of Matt and Isy getting wed: and a drone shot of the tent village we slept in, a green and pleasant land; then my few snaps: Nick Mason in one of his cars; Lorraine getting ready outside our tent; Matt's Mum and son, Gillian and Hal; Matt combing confetti from his hair; the scene in the barn; blurry dancing, with Lorraine foreground.

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