Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Easing of the sole

A bit of a medical theme, today. I had to get up early and walk off to have a blood test first thing. The nurse achieved a hole in one in my vein, which is a refreshing change. I walked home, and eventually was able to speak to Mum at the Royal Free. She was sounding pretty good, and the procedure yesterday didn’t leave her too uncomfortable. I also spoke to Mas, who was complaining about the number of people who had called around to check on him.

Then after walking home, Lorraine and I went to have our feet done at a podiatrist called Sole Sisters. I’d never been to a podiatrist before. But having my feet sorted out (I have slightly ingrowing toenails) was great. The Kenny feet felt far more balletic right away. I am not particularly fond of my feet, but Lucy the podiatrist led me to believe that she had seen far grizzlier sights. Afterwards Lucy did Lorraine, while I drank a coffee in the cafĂ© next door.

In the afternoon, we dropped some baby clothes to Sam's old pal John Maubin who is just about to move to Leamington Spa with his partner George and their little baby Teddy. We'd used some of Teddy's first clothes for We Three Kings at Christmas, and disgracefully only now returned them.

Then home where I slept for an hour, then off to the Sussex County hospital where Lorraine had a small screening procedure, which was all fine. While waiting for her I spoke to Mum again, who will be kept in tonight as a precaution. She is feeling okay though, luckily.

Home, to chicken and salad, and a highly relaxed evening, listening to music with Lorraine on the gold sofa.

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