Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Bishops and basement flats

Calliope insistent that I get up to feed her. Bit more of a working day today. The temperature had plummeted today and it was cloudy and rainy. Lorraine had to drive into school for a bit this morning, and had a stressful time chasing vital school stuff that hadn't been delivered. I had a much more gentle ease back into work, doing a few odds and sods.

I had a lunchtime haircut, and then mooched up to Anton's place to hang out for a bit. He is recovering excellently from his MI. Luckily he did almost no discernible damage, and is actually in very good shape. After a coffee we sauntered out into the rain, and found a pub, The Good Companions, to sit in and have an allowable small glass of wine and play a game of chess, Anton's newest craze. Turns out we are both very bad at chess but it was good fun to be fingering the bishops in a pub, which was empty enough for us not to attract attention. En passant, Anton explained en passant to me, which he had just discovered on Wikipedia. I'd never understood of this chess rule.

After this I walked home and soon was in a car with Lorraine and Beth speeding towards Hove where we looked at the flat Beth and John are going to move into shortly. A really nice basement flat on an excellent street just minutes from the sea. Feel very happy for them. Lorraine and Beth measuring windows for curtains and so on, John looking at window locks. Big rooms, which is nice.

Then home again, leaving Beth with John. Lorraine and I had a squid and salad supper, and another gloriously quiet night in.

Below Anton at the chess board, and a gorgeous sunset tonight, snapped from my study.

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