Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Barbecue with Anton

So lovely to wake up in our own bed, even if it was to the selfish promptings of Brian and Calliope. Staggered downstairs, to feed the cats and make tea and lurch back. Rosie and Innis who had stayed the night shot off early. Innis with a copywriting job. Lorraine and I pottered about and getting unpacked.

In the afternoon, we walked over to see Anton's house and had a barbecue. Anton in good health, and says he is feeling lots better. He has been eating incredibly healthily vegetables and fruit in abundance, and grains and other things his former self would have sneered at, and feel full of springiness. He has also been walking steadily more each day. His doctors suggested he have a glass of red wine every day too, one of the few instructions (along with a square of dark chocolate) that he really liked.  The new drinking is a glass of wine, and a bottle of sparkling water. I followed this model, having drunk my fill and more lately.

Good to see him looking so well though. Today a read letter day, as he had a bratwurst sausage.

Great to see Klaudia and Oskar and Anne. We hung out in the garden, with his pear tree laden with enormous pears. I took some snaps, not very good ones, prompted by Klaudia who looks at photos on this blog from time to time. No Lorraine, as I managed to take a terrible photo of her.

While at Anton's I managed to get through to Royal Free Hospital, mum's operation had been fine. I spoke to Mas too. Hopefully she will be at home in the next couple of days.

We came home early, and went to bed very early too.

Below: Anton Anne and Klaudia; Oskar; and me trying to look enigmatic, but instead featuring the post Edinburgh eye-bags.

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