Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Northward ho! First stop Edgware

So the start of another great northward journey, packing the car full of all kinds of clothes, some for another wedding and bidding farewell to Betty. Most drives from Brighton are Northwards of course, a southward drive would get rapidly a bit too briny. Lorraine and I began listening to a bit of The Weirdstone of Brisingamen by Alan Garner on audiobook in preparation for visiting Alderley Edge. We had both read it as children. I have read it since then too.

 First stop, Edgware. Where we spent some time with Mum and Mason. At tea time Lorraine drove us off to Bushey where we celebrated Mason’s birthday in The Horse and Chains, a pleasant gastropub with good food. We had a big mixed starter, and then our own courses. Mas had a big piece of lamb, so big that we had to take some of it home in silver paper, a lamb grenade shape. Home and we drank some bubbly and chatted till the call of bed grew strong.

Mum gave me a box file full containing stories and a play written by Alex, her father. Started reading the play in bed, a comedy about devils.

Also heard while we were up there that Beth and John have found a good flat together in Hove, and will be moving in soon. Very pleased for them, as it had been a bit of a draggy business. Beth very excited.

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