Saturday, August 05, 2017

Preview night

Up to a full house. With Sam and Jade in the front room. A large and military style breakfast this morning, cooked by Lorraine and aided by her chief kitchen porter. Beth and I off to the grand meet the press session at one o clock. It was advertised as a chance to pitch your piece to the press. Naively I had seen this as a few minutes to a room full of journos etc. The reality was very different. An enormous queue snaking out of a university building down the street. Once you got inside, having queued for an hour, then each publication had a desk and there were long queues for this. Hours of standing about, but we managed to get to speak to three different publications.

After this Beth and I had a much needed reviving coffee, and a diabetes inducing piece of millionaire shortcake. While we had been doing this, Kitty and Matt had been flyering, giving hundreds of flyers away.

Home, and we all regrouped, somewhat tired and frazzled. Lorraine, who had been with Sam and Jade, cooked a big pot of chicken and vegetable goodness with rice, which we all snacked on before bussing up to the Surgeons' Hall again. Not feeling as nervous as last night, but still pretty nervous. Dave 'Swifty' Morgan, my old college pal, had let me know just before we arrived that he was going to show up. Also present in the small audience were Kitty's mum, as well as Sam and Jade, and Rebecca from Bolney school and her partner.

Performance much nervier than last night and somehow the energy was a bit more laboured to my trained eye. But I was very proud of Beth, Kitty and Matt. It's easy when the audience is fully behind you and you're coasting along. This was one of the nights when the tough got going, and we learned lots from it.

Afterwards a really cheery night. Beers with Dave and for a while, Julie, Kitty's Mum, and Rebecca and her husband. Dave showed me some photos of old university chums, and then rather amazingly, photos of people taken at Warwick when we were there. Including a few of me with a black mop of curly hair. Then Dave came with us all to go to the performer's party around the corner. This was really fun, and we all danced about to Blueswater, an excellent band, and drank more boozes.

Lorraine, Dave and I left around two thirty I think, and Dave was going to stay with us rather than at his camping site, but as we arrived in Leith having caught the crowded night bus home, he decided to grab a cab instead. Lorraine and I crashed out, and Lorraine and I didn't hear the others arrive home after five in the morning.

Below after the show, Dave, Kitty, Matt, Lorraine, Amy, Beth, Sam and Jade.  Earlier in the day, Beth and I queueing in the rain. Our performance listed. Beth and I three minutes before the audience enters, me and Beth, and Beth with a wee Amy in the background. Scenes at the party, where the band Blueswater were playing.

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