Thursday, August 17, 2017

Calm as a mill pond

Lorraine and I up fairly early. Lorraine off to see her pal Tanya, who also gave her lots of resources for her school. I, meanwhile, worked on my my proposal for the novel, which I intend to send out tomorrow. I am putting a great deal of effort into this.

In the afternoon, Lorraine home again, and we had a light lunch and then drove off to Bolney School, where we dropped off the boxes Tanya had given Lorraine, and looked at the building work being done on the old school. Lorraine a bit sad that some of the more quirky features were being covered behind new panelling. 

From here we went for a delightful short walk around some old mill ponds in a nearby wood. Gorgeous they were, saucered with waterlilies, and reflecting the fluffy white clouds. We sat under an oak tree, near the biggest of the ponds, which was already dropping a few acorns while watching the dragonflies. We scrumped a dozen or so sweet and juicy blackberries, which seem very early this year. A lovely little interlude.

We stopped off at Marks and Sparks on the way home, and bought some fish which Lorraine transformed into a lovely fish curry, which we scarfed while watching the last of Orange is the New Black this evening. Both of us still extremely tired and in need of much rest.

Also, spoke to Mum, this morning who had been given the clear to return home, and sounded fine and cheerful, and this evening, once home. All good.

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