Friday, August 11, 2017

To Leeds

Blearily, everyone got up and started cleaning the flat, before we had to vacate it at 11-ish. Lorraine having to go of and get her hair washed and set ready for tomorrow's wedding first thing too. Fond farewells with Amy, who is staying in Edinburgh, and then the rest of us cabbed to Edinburgh station. Fond farewells with Kitty and Matt there, before Beth, Lorraine and I caught the train to York, before scrambling, heavily laden, across the platforms to catch the trans pennine to Leeds.

Mixed feelings about leaving Edinburgh. Quite nice to be able to relax, but also lots left to see and experience there. I really liked it.

The Hilton Double Trees hotel is near the station, but we all arrived tired. Here I had a much needed shower, and Beth and Lorraine nipped back to the station to collect Pat and Maureen, and John who had travelled up with them from Brighton. Later we had a cheery meal in the hotel restaurant, and then went up to the 13floor where there is a Sky Bar, that is a bar in the sky. We saw Sam briefly, who was naturally quite busy but cheerful the night before his wedding.

Below A Glass of Nothing passes the way of all theatre, and all things, as I dropped the last flyers into the recycling bin in Leith. In the Sky Bar, Beth and John, Beth and Maureen, and Pat pulling a 007 face.

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