Tuesday, August 08, 2017

4th night

A bit of a slow start for Lorraine and I today. Beth and Amy into town to meet up with Sarah and Suzie and Ollie. Lorraine and I, along with Kitty caught a cab into the old part of town. En route we passed a poster for our show. There are quite a few around town, but given there are a bazillion posters and flyers around town it is a drop in the ocean. When you realise just how much of the centre is given over to Fringe stuff, and how often one gets approached with flyers it is amazing. We four went off to see Jane Postlethwaite, who Kitty knew slightly and we saw at the women standup show we saw a couple of days ago. A really entertaining and imaginative show called The House, which had us four in it, two others, a critic and a fellow actor in the audience. Matt, Kitty and I were dragged onto the stage.

After this show, and Jane saying she may come to ours, Kitty discovered that her bank account had been hacked in India, and her bank urgently called her. All sorted quite soon, however.

Then Lorraine and I went ambling though the streets, and found a cafe called Let Me Eat, where we had coffee and a snack. It was incredibly noisy though, with Nina Simone being blasted out, and a madcap Italian waiter who periodically ran out into the street, interfering with passersby, blocking the cars while shouting through a megaphone. Entertaining, though not restful.

Made it home eventually, having met Betty who wasn't having the best of days having failed to get into the show with all her buddies this morning. She went off to meet a guy who had suggested he might get us a venue in London, but it turned out later that he was a time waster only interested in promoting his own show.

Lorraine and I home, were we had a rest before heading back into town with Kitty and Matt. To the venue. More flyering. I read online about a technique called 5-4-3-2-1 go, which I employed today to start flyering. Instead of thinking about something, you simply count backwards and set off. Worked a treat. Once I get flyering I quite like having the conversations with people. The idea of flyering is horrid though. So finding a way to stop thinking and just act is a good one.

Into the show. Thank God, our best audience tonight in terms of numbers, still only around twenty, but they were prepared to laugh and have a good time. It made all the difference, and for the first time it felt quite full in our little venue.

Everyone a bit nervy today for some reason, but we flew through it, and the audience were appreciative. A lighting glitch, however, just at the denouement meant the house lights came on for a bit, which was a shame. Amy mortified, bless her. All quite cheery afterwards however. Kitty a bit worried that she got few laughs. But a weird thing had happened tonight, which was that audience were really on Beth's side, so when Kitty was saying funny, bitchy things to her, they took it to heart. Kitty became 'this bitch' to use Beth's phrase. Fascinating.

Beth and Amy out with Sarah later. Lorraine, Kitty, Matt and I caught a cab home. But not before we had sourced some snackables. I had another wee macaroni pie, and a little haggis roll. Nice.

Below a poster spot from our cab, Beth finds a corner to hide in to apply her stage makeup, Amy at the controls, Matt, Kitty and Beth after the show.

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