Saturday, August 19, 2017

Shopping, wings and spooks

A bit of a lie-in this morning. Both of us with a backlog of tiredness. The more I feel I give into it, the more tired I feel. The answer is to do things. Lorraine and I went off into town doing a bit of shopping, and generally pleasantly drifting about in town. She bought a matching top and trousers, from the shop opposite Gars where we had been yesterday and were lured by a sage green top. Before that Lorraine had to return something in Primark. I have only been in there a few times, although everyone seems to go there these days, with varying degrees of irony. Then we went into C&H fabrics where Lorraine looked at fabrics, and I looked at judgmental plastic horses in the small toy section.

After our shopping done, and a cup of coffee drunk (a freebie, as Lorraine had a Costa card given to her at school), Lorraine and I went to The Joker. Here I spoke to Mum, and Lorraine and I and ate some woof woof wings and had a long chat, before we slipped into the Cinema to see The Ghost Story, which we both liked, for being curious and un-Hollywoodish. It did feature a person in a sheet as the ghost, which was brave or ridiculous or both. Some of the scenes were very slow, with a twist at the end, which I rather enjoyed once you got into the pace of the thing.

We walked up the hill afterwards, and sloped into bed. I bought a rather beautiful paperback book published by Persephone Classics (a new one on me) of stories written during the war on life on the home front by Mollie Panter-Downes, called Good Evening, Mrs Craven.

Below Judgmental plastic horses in C&H Fabrics.

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