Monday, August 28, 2017

Down by the beach

Slept deeply and I woke feeling restored, and energetic, springing downstairs to feed the cats and return to bed armed with large cups of tea. After we'd dragged ourselves out of bed, we set about tackling aromatic laundry from our cases and taking hot showers.

Weirdly for an August bank holiday, it was gloriously sunny and hot. In the afternoon Lorraine and I walked over the hill to Hove. A longer, hotter and sweatier walk than we'd anticipated. We found Beth and John basking on the beach. John, brilliant man that he is, produced two cans of cold lager. It was an absolutely glorious afternoon. Beth and John soon in the water, and having no swimmies, Lorraine and I paddled about a bit. The water was very warm at the surface.

After this we found ourselves in The Giggling Squid in Hove, strapping on a Thai nosebag. Really nice food, and a cheery evening. Then after saying farewell to John, and the rest of us took a cab home.

Below a shot into the sun with my phone; Beth carrying John in the water; Lorraine's photo of me assessing the temperature with my feet, as John and Beth cavort in the water.

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