Thursday, August 10, 2017

Last night in Edinburgh

Last full day in Edinburgh. I went with Amy to see the show she was also tech for, a comedian called Cally in a show called Super Cally Fragile Lipstick. The room wasn't great, and the lighting failed a couple of minutes before the show. So the performance had to be done in just the room lights. This killed the atmosphere, and I didn't love her material, either.

Amy and I made our way back home, and I sat in the café and had carrot cake and coffee, and went to meet Lorraine from the bus, who had just had her nails done. Off to the wee Sainsburys where a man was being thrown out for attempted shoplifting, he been in there before trying to steal steaks apparently. The origin of calling Edinburgh Auld Reekie, due to the smell from various local breweries, was explained to us by a man at the till. Rather friendly and knowledgeable for a bloke on a till.

So last performance of A Glass of Nothing tonight at the Surgeons’ Hall. A bit of a disappointing audience, but Jane Postlethwaite, whose show I really liked the other day, came. More surprising for me was seeing Pete Singer. Pete was in the first performance of my play Wrong, with Mindy in Leamington, had had been randomly flyered by Matt and he recognised my name and came to the show in the evening. I’ve not seen Pete for at least 15 years, and only worked with him that once. Talk about random connections. Even more surprising was that Peter’s one man show that he brought to Edinburgh two years ago had been in exactly the same room as us.

 The final show went well, Beth, Kitty and Matt all did brilliantly despite the small turnout. However our morale was very high afterwards. We all counted the trip to Edinburgh to be a success. We sat in the courtyard and drank some fizzy pop, chatted with Pete for a while, and then cabbed home together. Where we ate post-midnight pasta, and had some more fizz. I could feel the stress lifting from my shoulders.

Beth did absolutely brilliantly over the last week. She had so much responsibility. Kitty and Matt's effort and commitment was faultless, and everyone's attitude could not be better.  And Amy's work was splendid too, and it was great to have her as part of the team. We had a lovely last evening together.

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