Saturday, August 12, 2017

Sam and Jade get wed

Sam and Jade's wedding day today. I squeezed in my suit, somewhat snugger than it was before a week in Edinburgh, and Lorraine donned her glad rags, and readied her fascinator. Despite glowering clouds first thing, the weather was sunny and cheerful for the wedding. We descended in the Schindler's lifts, as pointed out by Pat, into a taxi bound for Leeds Town Hall.

John had walked off with Sam and his groomsmen early. And Beth had melted away in the morning, being a bridesmaid. So that when Lorraine, Pat, Maureen and I arrived by taxi. Sam with his groomsmen, some of the bridesmaids and other guests all looking very smart outside.

We went inside to a simple but pleasant room inside for the ceremony itself. Lorraine very happy all day, and had tears of joy in her eyes when Jade appeared with her bridesmaids, which included Beth. I felt very happy for them both too, and found everything quite moving.

Sam and Jade looked lovely. Jade in a simple but lovely white dress, and the blue and yellow colour scheme they had chosen was spot on. Sam looked rather dashing in his three piece Scottish tailored suit. The folks in the town hall efficient and friendly. Both radiating happiness during the ceremony, and Jade laughing lots in it too.

Then after they left the Town Hall, and being pelted with rose petal confetti, small bags of which had been handed to us (although one of Sam's pals simply bounced the bag of Sam's head) all off to the Northern Monk brewery where there was a nice function room, and a plethora of weirdly cloudy vegan beers to sample. Lots of photos of course, and lots of family. I chatted to several of Sam and Beth's dad's side for the first time. All very nice and cheery. Good speeches from Jade and Sam, and Jade's mum Sian and dad Lindsay, Sam's dad Gary and Lorraine, and Alessandro Sam's best man, and Sophie Jade's chief bridesmaid, and a member of 'The Core Four' who were Jade's childhood gang of pals, who were all present and part of the bridesmaid team with Beth.

Enjoyed chatting with Sian's sister Lin, and her husband Steve. Lin and Steve live on Guernsey at the moment. Spoke briefly to Jade's dad about philosophy, before he left and heard some of his opinions about the mapping of ideas into language.

A very cheery afternoon and evening, which ended with many of us capering about and dancing into the night. Lorraine and I walked home with Lin and Sian, and Beth and John, who ordered toasties from room service when they got back to their room. Lorraine talked me out of this, sadly. But we were soon asleep.

Below: Sam and Lorraine shortly before Sam got married; Beth and John outside the venue; Jade emerges into the wedding room; Sam and Jade during the ceremony and pictured with their groomsmen and bridesmaids; Sam and Jade outside, Lorraine and I at the reception, and Sam and Beth.

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