Thursday, August 03, 2017

Travel and our tech rehearsal

Up at an ungodly ten past five, and frenzied around before out taxi came at ten to six. Down to Brighton station, and caught the slow train up to St Pancras. Nice to be doing this commute without having to work in an agency. The train broke down a couple of stops before St Pancras, but this only added a small delay, and we met Kitty and Matt at Kings Cross and caught the Edinburgh train in good time.

About four hours and twenty minutes later, we disembarked in Edinburgh. Chatted to Mum and Toby on the train, and texted Anton. A pleasant journey up, zooming through downpours and sunny spells. Amy met us on the platform, and we cabbed to our digs in Leith, an air b'n'b flat at the top of rather posh tenement buildings. A nice smart interior, but the sixty stairs leading up to it, time worn with people's feet.

Then a bus to Edinburgh for our tech rehearsal. Collected some of the props we had preordered from Argos first, and had a coffee and a snack. Then to the Surgeons' Hall. Here, very much led by Beth, we sorted out the lighting with the guys from theSpace, and got Amy sorted with the sound effects and pushing the right buttons. Only just enough time to do this, and receive our fire and safety talk first. A good venue.

All of us (with the exception of the mostly non-drinking Kitty) lapped up a quick beer afterwards, and then after Beth and I went to some nearby venues to give them posters and flyers for our show, we taxied back to Leith. Eventually we found an Indian resturant nearby called Shri Bheemas.  It had good food, and horrible Cobra beer. The excellence of the food outweighed the badness of the beer. Turns out they had a flood in the kitchen while we were there, which explained the oddly frenzied and stressed atmosphere.

Home and everyone had an early night. Quite enough excitement for one day.

Below a poster for the show, a PK selfie outside the Surgeons' Hall, Beth during the tech, Matt, and worn stairs of our place on Queen Charlotte Street.

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