Thursday, August 31, 2017

A gentle start

So another good sleep, though punctuated with nightmares again. I seem to be going through a season of them, as the brain does its nightly archiving.

Lorraine working from home today, and I was too, courtesy of my lovely French clients, doing a smidgeon of work on antimicrobial resistance. I was also going into town to meet Alex, a very interesting person I met through Glen 'Fingers' Capra. However instead of arriving at 11:30 I set off at 11:30 and so was half an hour late, just missing her. I hate this sort of thing as it pains me to be late by even a few minutes. Luckily she accepted my apology, and we are to meet tomorrow. As I burst into the Marwood, the sound system was playing, appropriately, 'She's Gone' by Hall and Oates.

Had a coffee there anyway, and then bought some vittles and returned home, all by foot so, there and back, I had a good walk at least. Home and a bit more French work, and published a summation of the Edinburgh stuff on my other site. A gentle start back into a more purposeful rhythm.

Sian came around for dinner this evening, as she had come to Brighton in the afternoon. Good to meet her again and chat. Lorraine and I like her a very much, which is lucky as she is Jade's mum,  family. I find her a very thoughtful and interesting person. She is a vegan too, so Lorraine cooked up a rather delicious vegetable chilli.

Beth home, and spent some happy time with Lorraine planning her move, and what to buy and take and so on. It's really great to see her so excited about this next step. I'm a bit concerned about empty nest syndrome.

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