Monday, August 07, 2017

A man about town. Flyering

Flyering. Not flyering is more stressful than flyering, because at least I feel like I am doing something to promote the show. Beth went to an free education session about promoting a show, which laid on by theSpace this morning.

I went off for a solo flyering mission. Although sunny, obviously rained when I set to work. I have found my own technique which is to have half a pint of beer first, and then chat to people warmly. Although this is outside my comfort zone, I realised I still have it in me to do it fairly well. People end up asking lots of questions. It is time consuming, but I am hoping a qualitative rather than quantitative approach might work. Beth, Kitty and Matt all flyering too at different times and other places. One woman gave me her card, she is connected with the theatre in Dundee.

I also went alone to see the show by the Swiss folks, called Idle Time. It was in German, with plot pointer subtitles. It was very odd, with the cast all dressed in white and lying on the floor being dead for no particular reason at the end of the show. It was about conformity, and leisure and so on. But it was dramatically confused. I couldn't help warming to one woman, who was a jewel of a character actor, and rather wasted. When I arrived, Idle Time had two other people as audience.

Back home, after rewarding myself with a lunchtime pint after the flyering. Rewarding yourself with booze is a bad sign.

So to our show. I did more flyering of folks outside. But all my conversations, witty asides etc, resulted in an audience of no more than six people.  I thought I might have to keep everyone buoyant afterwards, but Brighton Blonde Productions is a resilient troupe.  David, A friend of Toby's came to see it, Lorraine talked to him and his wife, but he had to zoom off so sadly I didn't get to meet him. Felt a bit sad that he'd seen it on such a quiet night.

However, as I knew they would, Beth's pals Sarah, Suzie and Ollie arrived to surprise her. We had to tarry in the courtyard drinking beers till they arrived. Beth and Amy whisked off a bit later with them. Lorraine, Kitty, Matt and I headed home, pausing only to have a fracas with a bus driver who wouldn't accept our valid till 1 o'clock bus pass at 12:30 because his bus was an N bus, before having to catch a cab.

Below  a blue sky but as I approached the city centre armed with my flyers. The view from the bus window.

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