Friday, August 04, 2017

A smashing open dress rehearsal

A nervy day before our first public dress rehearsal. We had a team breakfast in the Hideout Cafe a few doors down the street. Into town this afternoon. Lots to organise, and I had to find a local printer and copy lots of press releases, a simple thing but it added to the last minuteness of stuff. Beth, Kitty and Matt doing flyering for the show in Edinburgh. Lorraine and I zooming about dropping flyers and posters off at various Space venues. Then back to Mimi's a cafe near us where I had a steadying half a beer. 

Then off in the evening in the bus, Beth, Kitty and Matt flyering outside for a bit too. The weather not our friend today. Really rainy and dreary all day. 

I had to calm myself down at one point. I have been doing some meditation again lately, and I took ten minutes out midday for some mindful time. Really pleased I did. Also deciding that whatever happens in our run in Edinburgh, it is a win. So nice to have Lorraine with me at a time like this.

So, the open dress rehearsal. All of us really pleased. Matt took a big surge forward today in his performance, and he was great. Really happy for him (and us). Beth and Kitty at their best too. One of my many neuroses was that we would overrun, but we came in at 50minutes on the nose too. Amy did all the cues perfectly, and Lorraine ran front of house perfectly too. We weren't really expecting an audience, given that it was a dress rehearsal, but we found a large cast of Swiss actors attended, and they were chuckling appreciatively all through. 

All of us on a high afterwards. The show purring along, everyone on top form, all the props and stuff in the right place, and backed back within time. Much needed beers outside in the courtyard, before mooching back passing a shop that sold pies. I can tell you a Scottish macaroni pie at 11:30 is a fine thing to eat, if you are starving. A bus home.

One of the back doubles Lorraine and I went down on our poster delivering mission. Lorraine snap of me, Amy, Matt, Kitty and Beth at brunch. Beth and a poster.

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