Monday, August 14, 2017

Home at last

So another big breakfast, and packing this morning. Beth's lovely bestie Olivia came to the hotel this morning (she had a day off from working in the Leeds Dungeon).  Then all off to the station, there is an entrance a stones throw from the hotel. Sam surprised Lorraine as we dragged our cases through the gates. Hugs with him, before Pat, Maureen, John, Beth Lorraine and I set off for Kings Cross. Maureen had a migraine on the train and felt rotten, but she and Pat and her caught the Ashford Train at St Pancras, and they were met by Lorraine's brother Ken at the other end.

Lorraine and I with John and Beth then got the Brighton train. Beth, Lorraine and I catching a cab from Preston Park home. Here Rosie and Innis, who had been looking after Calliope and Brian for the last few days, had cooked us a lovely meal and bought beers. Had a cheery drink and a meal with them, before Lorraine and I dragged ourselves off to bed. Beth, having done some laundry, went off to John's with, poor thing, a full week of work ahead of her.

Rather zombie tired, I chatted with Mum, who is going into hospital tomorrow for a fairly quick procedure on her pancreas.

The bliss of one's own bed is hard to find words for.

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