Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Anton back in the wild, and a day with Toby

Slightly less frenzied, although Lorraine and I both slept badly and woke up worrying about Anton. Early texts with him, however,  asking to borrow the boxed set of World At War, that he gave me as a present a few years ago to watch. Nothing like a bit of Stalingrad to cheer a man up.

After a large breakfast, off to Borde Hill Gardens with Toby. Gorgeous day it was too, we mooched about in the gardens looking at various flowers and plants, and bits of sculpture, all a bit of an English Idyll. We also had tea and scones, while discussing how Romy would love it. On the drive home we popped into Lorraine’s school too, now beset by builders.

Tobs and I then popped in to see Anton, back at home, to drop off World at War, and see how he was.  Nothing like a bit Stalingrad to cheer a man up. Anton opened the door, but we didn’t outstay our welcome, although I paused to give Klaudia and Oskar a few squeezes and say howdy to Anne. Klaudia had been crying. Everything a bit weird for everyone.

Toby and I then mooched down into town, where Tobs bought a couple of granddad shirts, what the fashionable Tobster around town is wearing. I also picked up my suit.  From there we wandered back through the lanes to The Joker, had a cold beer and shot some breeze. We were joined by Lorraine and Beth a bit later for some woof-woof wings and curly fries. Home, and Toby and I watched a couple more of the Tokyo diner stories, Lorraine and Betty having repaired to bed.

Below Borde Hill sights. Including a Lorraine in the green.

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