Sunday, August 20, 2017

A round of cards

Both of us a bit sluggish and tired again, but we still managed to have fun. We had invited Anton, Anne, Klaudia and Oskar round for tea. This gave us some direction to the day, and we did a bit of gardening (mowing the little lawn, clearing away fox poo, and Lorraine putting some little garden lights into it) and tidied up the place somewhat. Also Lorraine and I went to Sainsbury's. I don't know why but trundling around Sainsbury's with Lorraine always makes me feel cheerful and secure. The simple pleasures are the best.

Spoke to Mason to wish him the best for his birthday, we are zooming up to Edgware next week and will take them out to celebrate.

Good to see Anton, who is doing remarkably well, and had been for a walk around The Ardingly Reservoir and under the Ardingly Viaduct with Oskar. He is currently researching chess sets. Meanwhile Lorraine had cooked a delicious lemon chicken tagine and, after food, Lorraine initiated a game of  Uno. Anne sitting out this bit, as she, like me is not a real gamer. The rest of us sat around the gold sofa and played a few rounds of cards, and it was fun. Oskar much taken with Calliope at the moment. Klaudia laughing through her nose when I told her about a cat called Astrophe.

Once they'd gone off in a cab (Anton advised not to drive for a few more weeks) Lorraine and I slumped happily on the gold sofa. Lorraine watching the end of a Harry Potter film, then we watched more episodes of a series called... Catastrophe, on Channel Four catch up box set, which I really like. The central characters played by Rob Delaney and Sharon Hogan say such outrageous things to everyone that I find it curiously bracing, and very funny. Carrie Fisher plays in it too, in what was her last TV role.

Read Lorraine another story from Good Evening, Mrs Craven, before we went to sleep.

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