Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Post Work era

Locked the cats out of our bedroom last night, as we had the Juliette windows open, and Brian has a tendency to fling himself amateurishly out of them only to get trapped on the roof below, is to be avoided, given that it is four stories down. Instead Calliope clawed poltergeist style at the door till I had to get up and feed her anyway.

I made us breakfast in bed, and the took it upon myself to advance my theories of how postmodernism has contributed to the new post-truth era to Lorraine for some time. Poor woman.

A quiet day today. Much needed. I'm still feeling shattered, and find it difficult to focus on anything much. Popped out briefly to a local Open House where Lorraine bought herself a little necklace she had seen at the beginning of the open houses. Otherwise attended to a few bits and pieces, pottered in the garden, listened to a radio show about the multifarious health benefits of turmeric (Lorraine and I later made a simple omelette with turmeric in it, which tasted lovely. Turmeric in omelettes could be a standard thing in Kenny towers, at least till the craze wears out. We are also planning a massive overhaul of our diet, for our return from Guernsey.

Watched the first episode of the TV adaptation of The Handmaid's Tale. Very good indeed, and Atwood properly involved in it's making which is always reassuring.

To bed, opening our Juliette windows again, and looking out at the flashes of lighting and the rolls of distant thunder for some time. Lovely.

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