Monday, May 08, 2017

Another Monday

Thank Goodness the French didn't vote for the fascist Le Pen in the presidential elections, choosing a weird wunderkind banker instead.

A poor night's sleep, and slightly wussy with an upset stomach first thing. Then going to work clinging onto the idea that (after today) I only have two more Mondays to do at this agency for the time being. Little for Keith and I to do, other than very small bits. Feeling edgy today.  I was briefed on something towards the end of the day, that was of course needed urgently.

A walk at lunchtime in Russell Square. Spoke to Mas, Mum out and then later off to The Royal Free. Meanwhile a new bathroom is being put in. When I eventually caught up with her this evening, she said it seems she will need an operation on her pancreas, as they have found pre-cancerous cells. She is philosophical about it, and I suppose it is good that they have caught this early. Still it means more hospital, which is not ideal for her or Mas. She will learn more tomorrow.

Otherwise, listening to the Knausgaard book and enjoying it on the train.

One good thing is that I am writing this blog on my MacBook Air, which after being left upside down for four days appears to have made a miraculous recovery. A Lazarus Laptop.

Happy to be home with Lorraine, watching cookery programs on TV.

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