Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Auditioning Matt

Horrid news from Manchester this morning of a bomb attack at a pop concert, spent the day dipping into reports about it. Isis, who claimed responsibility, described the victims as crusaders.  Many of these crusaders were little girls.

Bad night sleep due to a nipped nerve transferring pain to my head. Headache all day. Couldn’t find my wallet in the morning, but thanks to Lorraine made my train. Worked on an idea in Faux First Class.

Keith in rage mode all day. We slipped out at lunch and I bought some scamping pads – usually I can liberate some from the agency I am working with, but I have been using my own as this agency doesn’t seem to have any. Keith and I paused for a pint on the way back, which briefly took the edge off everything.

Text from First Matie on the way home. One of her colleagues was found dead, which is really upsetting for everyone in her agency. Sitting next to someone obnoxious person on the way home, who literally pushed my arm off the middle arm rest as he arrived.  Was all I could do not to slam my laptop into his head.

A cloudy but warm day today, emerging from the tunnel surprised to see Brighton swathed in mysterious sea fog. I spoke to Mum briefly. She still hasn’t heard from the hospital about what they want to do with her, after promising someone would call. Frustrating for her.

Then into Brighton where I met Betty at the station and we went to The Duke of Wellington where we met Matt. He did a good audition, showing quite a bit of comedy potential, and we have offered him the part in our play. Betty and I very relieved he did well – and as Matt is one of Kitty’s friends this works out doubly good.

Taxied home with Betty. I reheated some delicious grub Lorraine had cooked (at home post Charleston) and as I was scoffing this the Tobster called. Chatted to him for a bit, and then gratefully sloped off to bed.

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