Sunday, May 14, 2017

Tea in an English garden

A more peaceful day today. Got up and attended to a few must-do admin bits. Booked tickets for the theatre visit with Klaudia.

Then walked down the road to join Lorraine, Rosie and Dawn who were lurking about in nearby Open Houses. Mooched about looking at art, though nothing calling to me this time, and really enjoyed chatting with them. A very deep conversation about life and self worth in one of the gardens while eating cake and drinking tea. I find myself with an excellent wife and excellent friends.

A bit of a Sunday night shadow descending though at the thought of going back down to the salt mines tomorrow. Not long now though. Only two more weeks of the current job.

A big kerfuffle in the back garden today while I was working in my study. Beth and I watched Brian and the next door ginger tom Cactus screaming at each other in the garden. They had got to the point where they stood frozen in front of each other. Meanwhile a large fox walked around them, sat by the pot in the garden and watched them till it got bored, and the cats pussyfooted away from one another.

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