Monday, May 15, 2017

A fringe evening

Really had to drag myself out of bed and off to work this morning. Thank goodness for Lorraine. Once at work, meetings, most of them unnecessary as far as I was concerned. Worst thing was that they were threatening to remove Keith and I from the yellow padded booth we've been working in. It's one of the bits that makes everything bearable. Only two weeks to go now, but it seems like a hell of a long time today.

Home and all the way to Brighton, where I met Beth down by the clock tower and we went for a bite to eat in Leon, and then made our way to see a bit of a ropey play in the Rialto Theatre. Loved the theatre itself however, and its little bar. Good to get a bit more of the fringe in, however. One of the actors in the play is someone we are thinking of assimilating into Brighton Blonde Productions, and a pal of Kitty's. Nick seems a nice chap, and we thought has potential, and we are going to do some work with him this weekend. A cheeky cold beer after the show (it was a very humid day) and Beth and I had a chat with Nick then I caught a taxi and was home in no time to Lorraine.

Below a picture of Keith with his laptop, with a decoration chosen by one of his twin girls, in our padded yellow cell.

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