Saturday, May 20, 2017

Saturday mooching

Thank God for the weekends. Calliope had the decency not to wake me at 5:30. A slow morning. Lorraine fed the cats and made tea, and a little later I went round the corner to buy chewy brown bread and make us bacon and egg sandwiches to be eaten in bed.

Then up and mooched into town, popping into quite an interesting Open House on London Road near the viaduct. One of those places that didn't have the 'me too' mindset of doing what everyone else is doing.

In town we bought a camera tripod, from a cheery red haired youth at Currys. Then home in a taxi, where we snoozed briefly before we got ready to visit Derek and Lesley. A cheery night, where I ate lots of lovely food, and because I was in such nice and thoughtful company found myself in a bit of a loquacious mood. I really like Derek who has an encyclopaedic knowledge of various branches of folk music.

As Lorraine and I walked through town passed some folks dancing outside the Brighton Tavern, and then discovered that The Foundry, a pub I'd wet my whistle at a good few times had closed. An amusing message pinned outside it.

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