Friday, May 26, 2017

Returned to the wild

Final day at last. Sat in the car at Preston Park for a a few seconds with Lorraine to savour the moment before climbing out to the station. A slightly-built policeman marching through the train looking at the passengers, no gun but he had a taser. The country is on maximum alert, just as long as the terrorists aren't too burly we'll be okay. I don't think you can worry too much about this stuff on an individual level, though when things get a bit bomby I find I'm less included to hang about inside St Pancras Station.

All our colleagues today worn out with working very late, due to client induced panic. Keith and I were gathered up just as we were about to leave for lunch to present to the regular issue dull but entitled US pharma drone over then phone. Heartily glad this is not a regular feature of my life any more. I felt for the others in the room.

Then Keith and I went to the Marquis Cornwallis for a cold beer in the early afternoon, where we met some guys from the Tavistock Square agency around the corner, including Slug who it is always nice to see.

Then back to the agency. Keith leaves next week. So we had to work quite hard to finish the job we working on in the afternoon, as I didn't want to leave him with his trousers down next week. By the time it was time to leave, I was flat and tired. Slightly anticlimactic, mainly because it was hot and I was tired and I just wanted to be home. Understated farewell with Keith, with whom I have spent every working hour.

Finally in faux first class, listening to The Power and The Glory, which I have almost finished and am liking a bit better now. Then the saunter up the hill, and home where I found Lorraine, her legs scratched after going into brambles to retrieve a ball at school, and we picked our tired selves up and sauntered down to the Preston Park Tavern and after a cold beer it began to hit us that we were free, Lorraine for the following week, and I have time to regroup and get back to feeling in control of my own life again. Fantastic.

Home, and soon shuffling off to bed. Time to heal.

Below, for some reason I took a shattered selfie today on the way home. The last commute in this two and a half month spell.

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