Friday, May 12, 2017

Done at last

For the first time in what seems like a month a Friday arrived.  A text from Klaudia this morning, so I can firm up our golden ticket trip to the theatre. Otherwise working on the train as we had to present some ideas first thing. During the day it was suggested to Keith and I that we would present our ideas at regular intervals. We did so finally at five thirty, but only to brief another colleague who will present them on our behalf. Keith and I both quite worn out by the end of the week.

First non-sushi lunch of the week, by coincidence an outbreak of fish worm hysteria in the press. Went intead into Crush, where I bought a Japanese style chicken curry with undercooked wild rice.

Marie the Danish art director had her last day today, and dropped into the little booth Keith and I have adopted in the basement, to say goodbye. She showed me some of her pictures on Instagram. Earlier another colleague called Robin showed me his images on Instagram too. Seems I must have Instagram, as all the hipsters say it's the only Cyber place to be. I joined it and found lots of people I know on it, including Betty who said she had mixed feelings about me being on Instagram.

Straight to the Preston Park Tavern where Lorraine and Betty were outside in the back, under a heater having a cheeky drink. Lorraine talking about cars, and looking at cars lots on the way home. We went home, ate there and watched the final of Masterchef. So happy to be home, and another agency week is done.

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