Saturday, May 13, 2017

Sofa, so good

A slow start, but woken by Calliope at an infernal 5:30. As a consequence felt dog tired and grumpy for most of the day. Some of the day given over to going into Brighton doing some shopping, and then Lorraine and I caught a cab down to Beth's pal's Ainsley and Millie's flat where, with the help of a man with a van, who was very pleasant moved a large and heavy sofa. General grumpiness not improved by carrying the bastard thing, which got wedged several times, down six flights of stairs to the van, and then up two flights at our house to store it in Beth's room. This is one of the things that she has earmarked for her new flat with John, when she moves out this summer.

A repairing sleep on the gold sofa, and woke up feeling refreshed and altogether more cheerful.

Lorraine shattered still and so did not come with me to see the Shakespeare Heptet in Kemptown, an event I wrote about here. A good time, and very pleased to see a very healthy audience for them. Great to see Steve, now mobile after a nasty leg injury. Steve and I, then Maria Grazia went for a drink in the Black Dove afterwards. It was late when I headed for home, after midnight. Brighton still busy as an anthill.

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