Sunday, May 07, 2017

Open Houses

A nice day today. Up early thanks to Calliope. After breakfast I mowed our tiny lawn. Then we walked around and about some of the local Open Houses. Chatting with Lorraine about the art on show. Lots of it quite nice, but always decorative. None of it seems really engaging with  anything other than pleasantness. One place I found someone who was different. This was in the Church of St John the Evangelist, which I walk past most days on the way back from the station. Interesting work by someone called Annelies Clarke who at least to have ideas in it. Lorraine and I sat in the Church and had some cake and a cup of tea. Really enjoyed mooching about with Lorraine and trying not to spend money.

Spent the evening working on my computer.  Then Lorraine cooked nice food, and we drank some wine and did not want to go to bed.

Below a strange piece by Annelies Clarke, I think, strange faces on sheets ascending into the space of the church.

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