Thursday, May 04, 2017

Tea in the air

I had downloaded Karl Ove Knausgaard's A Man in Love, being the second part of his My Struggle series, and listened to it as an audiobook with enormous enjoyment of the way to work and on the way home. I remembered what Toby had said when he told me about Knausgaard, that it was like being inside someone's head. Sometimes annoying and banal, but other times amazing how be can make the trivial transfixing. Really enjoying it.

A strange day with bits of work to do, but the main work about establishing exactly what Keith and I need to do.  In the morning we were in the office lift and were chatting to a woman who had poured a pint of water into her MacBook, and was hurrying it down to the IT department upside down.

In the afternoon, as I was handing my cup to a man who collects cups at the end of the day, a colleague called Neil arrived to talk to us. Momentarily I clipped the cup I was handing to the cup man, and a ridiculously small amount of beautifully targeted tea flew into the keys of my MacBook Air to doom it. I went to the IT department and asked advice. They said to keep it upside down and let it dry out for three days or more. But I had already done everything wrong by turning it back on after I mopped up. Cursor weirdness started and everything was going left on the screen (which was clearly sinister).  If it doesn't miraculously cure itself in drying out, I will have to pay hundreds to have it fixed.

At home, Lorraine and I booked a couple of days in Guernsey timed for when I finish this bout of  freelance. Hopefully we will be able to celebrate with Richard whose book Stone Witness should be out. He emailed me today, pacing about like an expectant father waiting for the boxes of his new book to be delivered tomorrow. Exciting stuff.

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