Tuesday, May 09, 2017


Just noticed this is the 4,444th blog post on this blog. That's a ridiculous amount, and sadly little happening today.

Lorraine and I sluggishly out of bed this morning. I listened to Knausgaard on the train. Into work, and had a busy morning which passed quickly, and a slack afternoon which dragged and left me thinking about all the bazillion other things I could be doing which would be more fun. My laptop is still alive, however, so I was able to write a post on my other blog over lunch. I left work early, and was early for my train which was then cancelled. Late home, but speaking to mum as I was walking up the hill from Preston Park station. The doctors did not phone her today, as they said they would. And Mason is having a tooth out tomorrow, but because of his blood thinners this has to be in a hospital. Their new bathroom is being installed.

Almost full moon low on the horizon as I was heading home, and talking to Mum. Lorraine had cooked when I got home, and dinner was ready, even though she had been to her Charleston lesson. Both of us resisting the urge to drink boozes. Early to bed.

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