Saturday, May 27, 2017

Catching up with real life

Saturday and the feeling of freedom has not sunk in yet. But zooming about seeing people and catching up with real life a bit. Lorraine ff to her hairdresser. I did some pleasingly humdrum stuff, like laundry, and invoicing. Then walked down the hill into town, picked up a prescription and met a smartly-haired Lorraine in Hove, and dropped in on Janet and Ken, armed with pastries. They are more settled now, and nice to see their paintings on the wall. House moving is exhausting. Janet still negotiating over the garage with the freeholder, who is a bit of a slippery character apparently.

The weather annoyingly cool and overcast this side of the downs. The rest of SE England basking in the sun, including Wembley Stadium, which was being shown on TV.  Lorraine and I headed off to Anton's house. He'd planned a BBQ, but we ate indoors, while the radio and TV (both on) were chattering fake news about Chelsea being beaten by Arsenal in the FA Cup final. Anton barbecued splendid burgers, which he ground up himself, and bratwurst sausages. I enjoyed talking to Klaudia, sipping up a blue bubblegum flavoured drink, which she claimed was a natural colour. Oskar has shot up in height in the last few weeks and he showed me a new Steam war-game he was playing, which was still in beta apparently. Also enjoyed chatting with Anne. Everyone very pleased for the lovely  Christiane, who has had a baby called Sadie. Anton raided Anne's gin collection (she is bought gin a lot she says by Anton) and Anton made me an utterly delicious drink. It was Ophir gin, a spiced oriental gin, with American dry ginger tonic, and two segments of satsuma.

Home as usual from Anton's house, feeling full as anything, and very cheery.

Anton slipped away from our conversation, which I continued with Anne. But was interrupted by this disturbing image, he had messaged me. Beneath a gorgeous piece of glass in Janet and Ken's new home.

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