Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Arriving in Guernsey

Up early this morning, and Lorraine drove us off to Gatwick. Overcast day in Brighton. A queue at the Aurigny desk, as people had failed to get to Guernsey yesterday because of fog. One young chap was saying the had been circling for two hours. However everyone aboard today. The propellor plane held up on the runway for some time, and Lorraine and I started looking at Richard's collection Stone Witness again. I tucked it into the pocket once we were lumbering into the sky, and left it there when I got off, rather annoyingly. Once above the clouds a lovely smooth flight, and approaching the Channel Islands the blanket of cloud that had covered everything ended. Shortly after we landed the sun came out.

A taxi to La Barbarie, and then we walked straight off to Icart. The cloud breaking up and the sun coming out, though shreds of misty cloud were still clinging on here and there.  Beautiful. Icart Point gorgeous as usual, and we sat on our usual bench in the sun.

After a while we walked around the headland, returning to the Barbarie, where we had a cheeky drink followed by a bit of a rejuvenating snooze in our room, which was a splendid one, number 40 with a view of the pool. Friendly welcomes from Andy and the folks in the hotel.

Up and another walk, down towards Saints then looping around towards Moulin Huet. A rabbit bursting across the path in front of us at one point pursued by a dog. Lorraine cried out 'goat' for some reason, thinking the dog was one of those goats with a grudge against rabbits.

Cut up and followed the back doubles to emerge opposite Les Douvres and down to the Barbarie. A nice supper, we both had duck starters, and I had sole and Lorraine had goats cheese deep fried in sesame seeds.  A cheeky drink in the busy bar, and then up to bed, where we slept like babies.

Shots from the a day. Particularly pleased with the bee :-)

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