Monday, May 01, 2017

Red cars and royal oaks

Extra day today. Drove off to Henfield this lunchtime, to the home of one of Dawn's sisters, who was selling a VW beetle, which we were going to look at. It was a promising red. I like cars with actual colours on them. However, it only had two doors. Lorraine toying with the idea of a new car, as her current one is getting a bit long in the tooth.

We had Betty and John in the back, and after the car business was done, and we'd spoken to Dawn and her sister, and taken advice on local pubs, we drove to one called The Wheatsheaf. However the menu seemed to annoy everyone, being fussy and nothing appealing. We then drove to The Royal Oak, where we had some nice grub in a lovely historic pub with low ceilings, and only a moderate flurry of Deliverance banjo duelling from the locals when we arrived. I had sausages and mash, which was excellent. The ladies had a variety of ploughman's lunches and John had a big ole burger. I managed to soak up a couple of beers there too, and when we got home for the afternoon, I simply slept.

Ironing in the evening. Work tomorrow. Gah.

Below The exterior of the Royal Oak, Wineham.

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