Saturday, May 06, 2017

Parade day

Early breakfast, and then out into town, to watch the children's parade. Always lots of fun, and reminds me of how great Brighton is. This year on the theme of poetry in motion, and so many parents joining in. Lots of drumming and music too of course. We saw our former  next door neighbours in the Old Church Hall on the parade with their sons, and Lorraine saying howdy to a few teacher pals.

Then off to the Marwood for a coffee, and we did shopping looked at tea plates, which Lorraine had a pressing need for but we couldn't find the perfect ones. I bought my yearly pair of shades, destined no doubt to be sat on or lost, and Lorraine went into Specsavers to sort out her specs order.

Then spontaneously off to Kommedia, had a bite to eat and a drink of lager and watched the afternoon showing of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, which was great fun. I don't much like superhero films, but this is fresh, ironic, visually surprising and puts being entertaining front and centre. Lorraine really enjoyed it too.

Below some snaps from the Children's parade.

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