Friday, May 19, 2017

Blue shoes

A bit of a sleep in this Friday, as I was staying with Mum and Mas. A quick breakfast with them, and tea before I set off with fond farewells. Tubes delayed today, so I was almost late to work. I legged it from one platform to another at Wembley Park, leapt aboard the tube, and must have looked a bit worn out. A young woman in her twenties asked me if I wanted to sit down. I thanked her, and declined, resolving there and then to shave my beard off. An appalling moment.

Friday, so Keith and I in fairly good spirits. Even had a fish finger sandwich and a pint of beer at lunch together. Keith shivering in his customary teeshirt as it was strangely cold today. Home, in the luxury of my faux first class, and up the hill. I met Lorraine outside our house and we toddled off to the Preston Park Tavern, where we met Beth. A nice bite to eat in there, all sharing what had gone on in the week, and then home. Feeling very happy that it is the weekend. One more week to go. Joy!

Below some blue shoes that are in the agency I am working at. No idea why or what they were used for.

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