Thursday, May 18, 2017

Stretchy time

Basking in my first class train wheeze still. You can tell it is a good idea, as travelling train staff use it, like the three drivers talking about a colleague who Missed Shoreham. How can you miss Shoreham? etc.

I worked on work stuff again, and finished the work I'd been doing so I could send in once I got to work. A busy morning, and a less busy afternoon. Keith and I going off to Leon to eat at lunch. I had some species of chicken and rice with bits of salad. Afternoon with one meeting. The weekend beginning to seem a logical possibility. Time stretchy, appalling work longueurs hating the time I am spending there, and then so hideously fast in other ways.

After work, sloped up to Euston Square tube. Walked through Tavistock Square and took the snap below. Plenty of rain today. Tube to Stanmore and walked to Mum and Mason's in the rain. Off in the car to Amaretto on Edgware High Road. They were friendly to Mum and Mas there. Mas and I ordered Americana pizzas and had some Peroni beer, and Mum had some wine. Home in the car, and I sat with Mum for a while, Mason popping in and out of LA CSI, some kind of cop show.

Early to bed, as I was yawning my head off. Spoke to my lovely Lorraine who had taken a course in Japanese flower arranging with Miss Mole's Flower Emporium, which Betty and Sam had bought her for her birthday.

Below Tavistock Square in the rain.

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