Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Advice comes overnight

An amazing thing happened on the way to work. I enquired about first class tickets, as the standard seats are cramped, literally too small for my legs to fit in. I was told that the last carriage away from the front, a first class carriage, is decommissioned, i.e. not first class. It is a well kept secret. On board I still wasn't sure, but I tweeted Thameslink and they confirmed it. So I got a first class seat for nothing, and was able to do some work of my own, and arrived at the other end not aching and stiff. An epic win, as the young un's say.

Work tiresome as usual, but had a few laughs with Keith. And at least their threat to seat us with everyone-else has fallen through. Went out at lunch to Waterstones and bought a few books, which was nice. Started reading one on the way home, called Post Truth by Matthew D'Ancona.

Home again, and found a copy of Stone Witness, Richard's book hot off the press. Looking forward to reading this in a moment of tranquility. Betty at home today, and cooked for me when I arrived, and then cooked for Lorraine who arrived even later after a governor's meeting.

Below was struck by the latin motto In Nocte Consilium on this doorway on Birkbeck College in the University of London, which I sauntered past on the way to the bookshop. The University of Google says it means 'advice comes overnight' or 'tomorrow is another day'. It was something closer to the first which caught my imagination.

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