Monday, May 22, 2017

Buzzes of happiness

Monday, and feeling little buzzes of happiness, in the thought that this will be the last Monday for a while, when I’ll be commuting up to London, at least on a daily basis. A fine day it turned out to be, when Keith and I emerged blinking from our yellow padded cell from time to time for meetings or to sport our shades sauntering to Waitrose. A bad headache in the afternoon.

 Eager for news about Chelsea, who were crowned Premiership Champions at the weekend, and have the FA Cup final to look forward to. John Terry their long serving talisman, who seems to be roundly disliked by anyone not associated with Chelsea retired from the team too, with a ‘shoal of silverware’ one commentator said.

Home, by faux first class, although I couldn’t help noticing that it was sweltering in there compared to the rest of the train. If I were paying for it, I don’t think I’d be best pleased. Lorraine out with work pals tonight, Beth at John’s. I cooked up some chicken and noodles, and watched some episodes of Frasier, like the comfort of being with old friends, till Lorraine came home.

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