Sunday, May 15, 2016

Tech, and final rehearsals.

Up early to rather concerning news from a friend.

But have to focus. Lorraine drove Beth and I down to the Warren for our Tech rehearsal in the Theatre Box. Sam the sound and lights guy helping us get our ducks in a row with lighting and sound effects. We then did a rehearsal of the show in which everyone had their lines and we slipped through it almost faultlessly. In manufacturing, they call this Just In Time production, but it certainly left me feeling relieved and for my nerves it would have been better to arrive a week or so earlier. Lorraine contributing and suggesting this morning too, not to mention bringing in coffee and a couple of bacon rolls. She is excellent at all this, and it is very useful to have a fresh pair of eyes on things. But then, having Beth has given her years of practice.  L and I briefly fantasised about all of us being able to make a living in theatre like this, Beth performing, me writing and Lorraine effortlessly smoothing everything. Such as going outside to stop young children kicking the theatre doors as we were rehearsing. There are tempting ramps up to the theatre, which they ran up.

Then all off to Pompoko for a quick Japanese lunch, then Lorraine went home to do her work, and the rest of us went up to the Duke of Wellington for our final rehearsals there. The room we had been using was being used as a venue by a pair of actors who do a type theatre called fooling. They tried enticing us to come tonight. But after going through two more complete run throughs (the first one exemplary the last one, as befits the final rehearsal before a show, a bit of a farce) we simply sat outside for a single drink and then. It had been a stonking day's work, and I told the cast I was proud of them. Just as well as the tickets have gone very well so far. Still a handful left for Tuesday, Wednesday a few more but still healthy numbers, and Thursday a sell out.

Beth off to meet Laura, I slunk into a cab and got home to be with Lorraine, she cooked, including at my request possibly the nicest rhubarb crumble I can remember eating. Delicious.

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