Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A shiver of pleasure

Struggling for focus. Breakfast with Lorraine, then I did my duo-lingo French course, which I am doing every day now. But I'm feeling generally nervy. Down to The Warren to pick up some tickets. Currently the final night is already sold out, and the two others are selling well. Went to the gym again, and had a decent go in there, but decided that I would take tomorrow off to allow the Temple of the Kenny body repair itself.

Home and a few bits and pieces done before Beth returned in Laura's new Mini Cooper, which we loaded up with theatrical things before Laura drove us to The Copperdollar Studios. A really good rehearsal today, perhaps something to do with Lorraine coming, hugging everyone and casting a fresh pair of eyes on it. Upstairs was a dance class and there was a faint background of dragging and sliding which I quite liked. Everyone much better today, and I got a shiver as it was unfolding that only comes from watching proper theatre. All three of them did well, Dylan another stride forward, Kitty adding sicky burps to the performance, and Beth did herself proud and is shining.

Home in the car with Lorraine, dropping Kitty off at the bottom of Trafalgar Street. Home and Beth and I feeling mightily relieved. Lorraine very supportive as usual, but she actually really liked it. Drank two cans of lager. Watched Family Guy, my guilty pleasure, then repaired to bed.

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