Friday, May 06, 2016

A tidy mind

Feeling quite end of weekish, and disgracefully disinclined to do the accounts work which was the most pressing thing on my agenda. Couldn't face much in the way of computer work. Instead focused on cleaning the house, which as Sonia is on hols badly needed doing.

Something satisfying about the If in doubt tidy up mantra, conducted while listening to Villette and various improving podcasts.

Called Carl too, as it was his birthday. Good to chat with him, laughing about Born Free (an obscure in joke between us) and getting ready to leave work and pick up Ellie. And then bought flowers for my lovely wife, who was able to come home to  a clean be-flowered house. Then I took her to the Preston Park Tavern, where I added booze and some food, discussed everything about the week, before she was led back to the gold sofa to conk out.

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