Friday, May 20, 2016

Gradual recovery

Up disappointingly early, commencing the day with sleep deprivation and a hangover. Creeping about the house, and trying to write but nothing happening. A mass breakfast cooked by Beth, after I'd crept out. My shopping list: bread, quavers and Robinson's orange squash. Lurked about with Beth, Olivia, Sam and Jade eating. Then Sonia came, and everyone melted away.

With much hilarity Sonia told me a long  story she'd seen on Facebook posted by one of her Bulgarian mates about Greeks and their general laziness. The character on the story had a job studying wildlife on the moon. After getting up at ten and wondering why he had woken up so early, he drove to work with his window open so he could advise other drivers on how to drive, then at the end of a day of slacking he and his wife go to a restaurant because they couldn't be bothered to cook. His wife says, look at the moon tonight it is lovely, and the husband snaps back 'don't talk to me about work'.

So two lovely reviews of A Glass of Nothing, both four star. One here from Broadway Baby. And the other here from the Arts Award Website. Feeling quite chuffed about this. However coverage in the Argus, and later the Daily Mail online about Dylan's human interest story. This edited so that Dylan became the star of the show, and Beth and Kitty were not named nor had a mention, which was a bit disappointing. I was quoted in relation to Dylan. Fact is that nobody asked me for a quote, and I'm still puzzled by this, because it is exactly what I have been saying about Dylan, but not to a reporter to my knowledge. The fact is however, that the story of much loved Ronnie C's grandson taking to the stage is something people want to know about. The gist of the story is that there is a new Ronnie. All good publicity for Dylan at the start of his career, but there must be a weight of expectation.

Had some really good chats and coffee with Sam today, as he cautioned me to let the coffee steep longer in the cafetiere. (Sam a discerning coffee drinker).

Lorraine working away from school today, but managed infuriatingly to have a burst tyre on the way home in a country lane. She had to drive the car some way till she could pull up, and so wrecked it. It had been an exhausting week for Lorraine and yet she supported Beth and I at every step.

Had a really nice evening, all sitting about chatting and eating a takeout curry from The Shahi (after enormous debate about what we should eat) and all watched a paranoid movie about flight travel called Flight Plan with Jodie Foster.

Very tired at the end of the day. Rather good to go to bed not having drunk alcohol.

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