Sunday, May 08, 2016

Straw hats in the sunshine

A hot sunny day. Lorraine and I looking at the garden up early and watering our stumpery. Brighton crowded and milling with people. Lorraine doing school work this morning, so I walked down London Road looking at things. I was looking at things a bit harder than usual, because I am planning a new project about the road. Instead of plunging ahead, however, I thought this time I might actually think about it beforehand, rather than charging ahead. I'm coldly assessing its viability. 

Then into the gym. This much needed at the moment as I am in a fat stage. I tried new machines, including a row of them that a few anxiously thin boys were using to bulk up their arms while staring intently at their biceps in the mirror. This being human business is a challenge.

Then I walked home. Bumped into Reuben and Claire and three of their bairns, and a good chat.  Reubs and Claire are going to come to the show, which is kind of them. Walked back through the park, to find Lorraine was finishing up her schoolwork. 

Off in the afternoon to picnic with Rosie by the sea in Hove. Took a small portable BBQ with us, and basked in the sun wearing a variety of straw hats, sipping Fizzy wine (ladies) and a couple of cold cans of beer (moi). Beautiful day, and spent hours simply chatting, eating, and the important business of throwing pebbles at other pebbles. Rode the bus home, and got ready for the week. A lovely afternoon.

Below... Where dreams come to life on London Road, us on the beach, and the beach at the end of the day, empty. Low tide, and people in the sea too.

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