Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Second night

Rather hungover this morning. That last pint in the Hobgoblin was surplus to requirements. Lorraine brought me a cup of tea and porridge in bed. I then had a hobbit's second breakfast a couple of hours later with Pat, Maureen and Betty.

Later Mum and Mas, Tanya and Robert arrived, having driven down in Robert's amazing electric car. Went to the Preston Park Tavern for a late lunch. I sensibly drank soda, and had a chicken burger. Front-loaded the day with food, as I didn't eat before the show. Then home again, and all the visitors chatted, while I slunk away to find a bit of solitude and focus.

I tried a brief power nap, but the second I closed my eyes I was phoned up by the Brighton Argus, who are sending a reviewer on Thursday. Tonight they sent a photographer, who took shots with a long telephoto lens on a silent camera.

Beth and I taxied down to the venue, and outside we bumped into David Morgan also known as 'Swifty' when we were at University and Amanda Hyatt who lived on the same corridor as me in my first year at Warwick, old pals I'd not seen since the early 80s. Great to see them, and later chat in the bar. Both looking great.

Then into the Theatre Box and set up rapidly. We gave each other a pep talk about not losing focus then boofed into it.

I felt pretty calm to begin with, but weirdly about ten minutes into the play felt a sudden peak of anxiety. Another full house, but less ready to laugh than last night. However people were very attentive. If last night people were laughing at the lighter side, the darker parts of the play took over. A few disruptions however, some loud music nearby and people suddenly being let in late once the play had started, and Kitty's dad's mobile going off with a loud James Bond theme (which we had a laugh about afterwards). Kitty herself was bang on it tonight, the best I'd ever seen her. Beth and Dylan powered through like true professionals. While in my cameo, I did my lines okay. It adds another dimension of stress doing a cameo. Last time I was doing this sort of thing I was just sat at the back.

Lots of pals there tonight, including Anton and Anne, Reuben and Claire, Dawn, Helen and Betty,  Sarah Barnsley, Steve Cartwright, Richard and Maria, Jess and Andrew all of whom were nice enough to come to congratulate me before melting away into the rainy night. Had a beer afterwards with Swifty and Amanda, then rounded off the evening on a table with Lorraine, Mum, Mas, Tanya, Robert, Anton and Anne. When they left, Lorraine, Beth and I hung out with Dylan and a couple of his chums who were really likeable. Standing at the bar I got talking to one of Dylan's friends who said she identified with a bit where Beth transforms into The most beautiful woman in the world, which made me smile.

A cab home. And so to bed. Late too, especially for Lorraine.

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