Thursday, May 12, 2016

Intelligent answers from unlikely sources

Up working early. However by the middle of the day had to stop due to an intense headache, set off I believe by muscle tension in my neck and shoulders caused by vigorous gym work. Took painkillers and slept for two hours, feeling a good deal better afterwards. As planned, I took a day off from the gym.

Looking at some film I took of the rehearsal last night with Betty. A useful exercise, and noticing how well Betty's body language is complimenting the role. At one point she is wearing gloves and they seem to take on a life of their own.

I am parking pretty much everything else now for a week just to allow the play to happen and normalcy to resume. Then I suppose I ought to make some money.

A chat with Janet this evening, and I watched another Grayson Perry documentary about the crisis in masculinity. This time he was hanging about with cops and scallies from a housing estate, where boys are in a stabby turf war with lads from the next estate. I like the way Perry talks to them, even getting inside the cells to chat to them at the police station. In a non-patronising way style, he asks questions that provoke intelligent answers from unlikely sources. I am a fan.

Lorraine dog tired but finding it hard to fall asleep tonight. I found a new technique. Simply state that you are going to list chronologically the Yes albums, from 1969's eponymous Yes to 1980's Drama and by the time you get to 1972's Close to the Edge, she will already be fast asleep.

Here's Grayson Perry being masculine.

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