Sunday, May 22, 2016

A soft bump

A decent night's sleep, and feeling more human today. Weirdly, nothing to get stressed about. Up late, but wrote a post on the Telltale site about Jess Mookherjee becoming a Telltale poet. Then out to get fixings for breakfast.

Lorraine and I then had a mooch around the open houses nearby. Bumped into Reuben and Claire and three of the boys, plus three lots of educational folks that Lorraine knew. We bought a print by Heike Roesel whose work we liked loads last year when we saw it. Really nice woman too. Then a longish walk where we met Carolyn and saw her fine needlework and nature painting. Really enjoyed our afternoon. Also bought a ceramic light, moulded around a log. Rather beautiful. Not that we can afford all this stuff, but it does feel a bit like being a kid in a sweetshop.

Home again, Lorraine working on school things. I cooked and did a few bits and pieces. Betty sleeping most of the day recovering from last week's shenanigans. I'm left with feeling there is lots of real world stuff I now need to urgently get on with. The soft bump of touching down to earth on a Sunday night. Actually not a horrible feeling at all.

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