Monday, May 09, 2016

Displacements and Owls

Displacements abounding, and feeling like a cat on a hot tin roof. Finally managed to get onto the accounts I was meant to be doing late in the afternoon, after walking into town, going very briefly indeed to the gym, talking to mum, doing a few other non relevant things. I am usually very self disciplined, but the last two working days have been ramshackle. Even when I'm not doing anything to do with the play,  it still manages to take up lots of bandwidth. Maybe it's a male multitasking thing.

In other important news I found a TV version of The Owl Service by Alan Garner on YouTube that I dimly remembered from my childhood and watched a couple of episodes. It was from around 1970, and while the editing looks a bit laboured now, it is full of good ideas.

Cooked a strange but healthy food concoction for Lorraine and I this evening and we ate it a the table, Lorraine telling me about the first day of the Government imposed SATs today for her wee kids. We went outside for a while, marvelling at the slug and snail multitudes, and watching them chomp down the new growth of everything growing there.

Later we watched an episode of Flowers, on catch up. A brilliantly funny and dark little series, wonderfully acted on Channel 4. Then Beth returned from a day's photoshoot in London, having to sprint about in a park, but she had her own make-up person, so she enjoyed that.

Below one of the characters in the Owl Service takes on the pattern from a service of plates with an owl pattern.

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