Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Oskar's Golden Ticket

Up fairly early and topping and tailing the day with chats with Mum, before setting off in the rain to collect young Oskar for his golden ticket day.

Luckily the rain abated and we drove off to The Observatory Science Centre, near Herstmonceux Castle. Oskar chatty in the car, telling me about his pal Alex and the fact they had their own You Tube channel.

The Science Centre had five towering verdigris coloured observatories, and an science exhibitions full of things like magnets, and pulleys, and things about planets and stars, and bits of meteorite and water flow and so on.  Also two dishes opposite each other at some distance that you could whisper into and be heard by the other person. Spent some time there doing this sort of thing, pausing for a bite to eat. Then an appalling session of being trained to juggle and spin plates, and tops on strings and so on. None of these skills Oskar nor I were able to master.

Then Lorraine drove us home, via Stanmer House where we paused for an afternoon tea, of top quality. The cream tea, which I had, was most excellent. Dropped the boy off back with Anne. Lorraine and I home and both strangely tired. After a snooze we decided to go out for a bite. First to the Preston Park Tavern, which annoyingly was cash only, so we went instead to the Park View and tried some of their food. Not bad, and we had a single pint there before returning home and to see Betty who was back.

Below: all about Oskar.

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